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Rise In Use of Condoms among Teens: CDC Report

Rise In Use of Condoms among Teens: CDC ReportAccording to a recent report of the CDC, there has been an increase in the use of condoms by teenagers in recent times. This sort of means that tees have started getting the message the authorities have been trying to spread since decades now, safe sex.

Abu Dhabi Police makes elaborates arrangements for making capital's roads safer

Abu Dhabi Police has made special arrangements for people during the month of Ramadan. In its effort to enhance road safety, Iftar meals would be distributed to motorists at major intersections in Abu Dhabi.

The move is aimed to allow smooth flow of traffic on the roads according to Col Mohammad Rashid Al Shamsi, the head of traffic control with the Abu Dhabi Police.

He informed that there were 52 accidents reported during the last Ramadan in which 42 people were hurt or killed.

The traffic police does not want it repeated this time and hence made elaborate arrangements.

Cardiff Scheme a Success in reducing Crime Rates

World Health OrganizationThe Cardiff scheme for reporting violent cases anonymously have been appraised by World Health Organization. It has been revealed that the scheme has been successful in reducing the crime rates in the region. The schemes suggest that more accurate targeting led to faster and more frequent police intervention.

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Awareness Campaign by Prostate Cancer Charity and Emirates Rugby Sevens Tournament