Niantic rolling out a new update for Pokémon GO mobile game

In a brief, 30-second video recently posted on the Pokémon GO YouTube channel, Niantic Labs has revealed that it is rolling out a new update for the popular mobile game, unfolding some Pokémon-specific bonuses for gamers.

According to the video, one of the bonuses which will be part of the new update to the Pokémon GO game - which presently is available for iOS and Android devices - will be a special Halloween event, which is scheduled to take place between October 26 and November 1.

YouTube videos show Google Pixel is more durable than indicated by the company

According to indications from two separate YouTube videos, the newly-launched Google Pixel handset is apparently more water resistant and more durable than what is conveyed by Google's meagre IP53 official rating for the handset.

The IP53 rating with which Google has equipped the Pixel handset implies that, technically speaking, the device is not actually meant to withstand even splashes of water. As such, going by the mentioned rating, Google Pixel handset would be best kept away from any source of water, unless it is protectively encased in a waterproof case.

Samsung Singapore: ‘Blue Coral’ Galaxy S7 Edge will be launched on Nov. 5

According to Samsung Singapore, a 'Blue Coral' color option for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 Edge big-screen smartphone will be launched by the company next month. The disclosure implies that Samsung is apparently moving on from its Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

The Galaxy S7 Edge handset -- for which Samsung will soon be launching a 'Blue Coral' color option -- is one of the two variants of Samsung's current flagship handset; the other one being its smaller counterpart, the Galaxy S7.

Tesla to equip all its new vehicles with self-driving hardware

In a Wednesday announcement, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk revealed that all new Tesla vehicles will be equipped with self-driving hardware, so as to eventually make the vehicles fully autonomous.

According to the details shared by Musk, all the new vehicles manufactured by Tesla will be retrofitted with radar, eight cameras, and 12 ultrasonars, as well as a supercomputer which has the capability to process data 40-fold faster than before.

Google rolls out preview build of Android 7.1 for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Pixel C

On Wednesday, Google rolled out the Android 7.1.1 'Nougat' Developer Preview files for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P handset, and the Pixel C tablet.

The release of the developer preview build of Android 7.1.1 by Google is an apparent indication of the fact that the Google Nexus devices are getting Android 7.1 concurrently with Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL handsets. The new devices, with Android 7.1, are scheduled to arrive in Verizon stores probably on Thursday, October 20.

Sony will likely sell 'hundreds of thousands' of PlayStation VR units at launch

With Sony having officially launched its new virtual-reality (VR) headset this week, PlayStation executive Jim Ryan has projected that the company will sell "hundreds of thousands" of units of the headset at launch.