Andrew Lansley

Former Adviser Accuses Mr. Lansley of Doing a shoddy Job

Andrew-Lansley"Andrew Lansley, in my opinion, is guilty of a gross dereliction of duty in relation to public health. He has actually moved Britain back in terms of public health from where we were before he was elected.”

BMA Staff’s Another Pay Strike

Andrew-LansleyThe BMA staff is definitely disturbed with its pays and thus they have decided to stage a fresh pay strike against the authority on Wednesday.

Things are becoming more crucial as the staff employed by the British Medical Association (members of the GMB union that have been employed by the doctors' organization) has planned to go on another strike in its dispute over pay.

Andrew Lansley Proposes New Plan to Improve Health Services

Andrew-LansleyAs per a recent report, it has been found that Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has decided to increase the number of PMI or private medical insurance members receiving treatments at NHS hospitals.

Health Secretary Supports Health Act

Andrew-LansleyHealth Secretary Andrew Lansley has been claiming that allegations being put on the Health and Social Care Act are wrong, as per a recent report.

While it was being said by Jacqueline Davis, co-chair of the NHS Consultants' Association and a founder member of Keep Our NHS Public that the plan is about privatizing the NHS, he has told that the act is rather aimed at ensuring best quality care for patients.

British Government Blamed For Swine Flu Deaths

Swine-FluIn a shocking revelation, it has been claimed that there are chances that government callous attitude could have killed hundreds from swine flu. The report highlighted that the government’s decision to call off a multi-million-pound advertising campaign for making people, aware about vaccinations against swine flu during the 2010/2011 outbreak claimed 474 lives.

Integrated Care Improves Patients’ Conditions

Department-of-HealthA recent report by an association of researchers has revealed that integrated caring system by hospitals result in improved health care for patients.