Antony Waterlow

Mentally ill killer kills father, sister

Antony WaterlowAntony Waterlow murdered his father and sister to demise in the throes of a schizophrenic scene after therapists neglected to keep him.

Had he been kept some time recently, the passings of his father, Nick Waterlow, a craftsmanship custodian, and his sister, Chloe Heuston, may never have happened, Glebe Coroners Court was told on Friday.

Neglected Mentally Ill Patient Kills Own Father, Sister; Declared Not Guilty

Antony-WaterlowAntony Waterlow is accused of murdering his own father, prominent art curator Nick Waterlow, 68, and his sister Chloe Heuston (37), mother of three kids, at her home on November 9, 2009. But the court declared him not guilty on the grounds that he is suffering from a mental illness and got diagnosed for the same in the condition of paranoid schizophrenia.