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Countries Get Together to Highlight Progress Made against 3 Diseases

barack-obamaThe Global Fund's Fourth Replenishment Conference took place this week in Washington. The conference saw health officials, word leaders and donors from different countries across the globe.

The main aim of the meeting was to increase financial support as well as to present the exact picture of progress made in fighting three diseases: HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

Obama Pledges up to $US5 billion for Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Barack-ObamaIn order to mark the event as World AIDS Day at White House, US President Barack Obama urged other countries across the globe to contribute towards the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Obama Launches Landmark Healthcare Program

Obama Launches Landmark Healthcare ProgramAccording to latest report, President Barack Obama is launching a landmark healthcare program to provide health benefits to the people.

US government launches Affordable Care Act

   US government launches Affordable Care ActAuthorities in the US are backing the Affordable Care Act in an effort to transform the healthcare industry in the country.

Experts say some heath care exchanges won't be ready for business by October 1 deadline

health-careWith President Barack Obama's new health care law paving the way for the opening up of health care `exchanges' - which the federal government prefers to call health care `marketplace' - on October 1, experts have told CNBC that web insurers are still being locked out of helping sign up uninsured individuals; thereby hinting at a lag which threatens to lower enrollments, while elevating insurance rates.

Obama Participates in Fundraiser

ObamaReports suggested about invitations being sent by President Obama to the well-heeled donors in California on a fund-raising jaunt that requires the president to walk a fine line. The event is going to take place for two days.