Barack Obama

Obama Honors Inventors with Nation’s Top Awards for Technology

medalsPresident Barack Obama would be awarding national medals for science and technology and invention in the East Room of the White House.

Barack Obama Supports Gay Equality and Health Care Programs

Barack Obama Supports Gay Equality and Health Care ProgramsPresident Barack Obama has strongly supported gay equality during his second inaugural address. Barack Obama has urged Americans to end discrimination.

Also, Americans are looking forward to recognition of same-sex marriage across various states of America. Barack Obama also discussed other issues during the 19 minute address to the nation.

Obama Announces New Health Care Impact

Obama Announces New Health Care ImpactA recent study has found out that dementia is linked to hearing loss as researchers have noticed millions of older adults suffering from hearing-impaired problems to be more likely suffering from early memory and thinking problems also as compared to those adults, who do not have any hearing loss problem.

Mental Health Care needs to be Improved, says Obama

Mental Health Care needs to be Improved, says ObamaSince the shootings have taken place in Newtown last month, one of the biggest agendas in the to-do list of President Obama is to improve mental care. Mental health advocates have been supporting Obama in the task.

Gold Gains 3.5% in a Week

Gold Gains 3.5% in a WeekHighest in the past three weeks, Gold rose by 3.5% this week. Prices of the metal rose for fifth time contagiously in sessions, on Friday. Such moves can lead the US economy back to recession once again.

Obama’s Victory May Boost Natural Gas Demand

Exxon-MobilThough, massive efforts were made on Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM)'s front so that Democrats do not win over Republicans. But, revelations of a new report are such that the natural gas producers' millions of money is wasted with the President's regain of his position and continuation of the control of the House of Representatives by Republicans.