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Ministers to debate Meningitis B vaccine in the parliament

Ministers in the United Kingdom might be ready to debate introduction of the Meningitis B vaccine in the parliament following a large campaign.

Ministers have indicated that they will debate introduction of vacancies for the disease after 809,000 people signed a petition calling urging them to take action.The petition recommends government to make sure that all children up to the age of 11 get the Meningitis B vaccine and not just new born babies. It is the biggest petition of kits kind on government website.

EU must initiate Ebola checks at airports

EU must initiate Ebola checks at airportsDavid Cameron has urged other European nations to present Ebola screening projects at air terminals.

The Prime Minister, who will use a summit within Brussels one week from now to push for additionally financing and aid for west African states, cautioned more must be carried out to stop the infection.

Antibiotic resistance can be avoided

Antibiotic resistance can be avoidedThe day is rapidly approaching when a pure mischance while weeding in the arrangement could cost you your life. The most minor scratch, brush or cut could be deadly. David Cameron was correct when he said a week ago that the ascent in anti-toxin safe microorganisms could cast us again to the Dark Ages.

What is in store for the future of Humberside Airport

What is in store for the future of Humberside AirportThe key battle ground at the next election is likely to be Heathrow expansion.

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative backbencher, warned Prime Minister David Cameron last week that he will face an "enormous bust-up" if he contests the next election promising to expand Heathrow.

G8 countries decide to find treatment for dementia by 2025

G8 countries decide to find treatment for dementia by 2025As reasons for alarm develop that dementia is turning into a worldwide emergency, health experts from G8 nations are promising to uncover a medicine or cure for the cerebrum infection by 2025.

Dementia influences more than 35 million individuals worldwide, a number that is about to be twofold in coming time.

PM to call for global push for dementia cure

David CameronThe Prime Minister is to call for global coordinated effort to critically uncover a cure for dementia.

David Cameron will tell health priests from the planet's heading industrialised countries that the sickness is the key medicinal test of this era.

He will state that just a worldwide reaction can stop cases trebling worldwide by 2050.