Lesley Griffiths

Welsh Health Minister Announces Advanced Cancer Services for Wales

Lesley-GriffithsIn order to meet the cutting-edge advanced cancer treatment technology, Welsh Health Minister Lesley Griffiths has shed light to utilize £4.6 million into new services for Wales.

Mrs. Griffiths said, "Developing this technology in Wales means that Welsh patients will be treated here; at present around 65 patients a year travel to England for SRS treatment, and less than ten a year for SBRT".

Welsh Govt Initiates Consultation Plan to Curb Rising Diabetes Cases

Lesley-GriffithsAuthorities concerned have noticed a significant rise in diabetes cases in Wales. In order to find solution for the same, the Welsh government has opened up a public consultation plan to deal with the problem.

Welsh Govt Unveils Three-Month Consultation To Deal With Heart Disease Risk

Lesley-GriffithsA recent news confirmed how Welsh Government is serious about reducing the number of deaths due to heart disease every year. It has been claimed by Health minister Lesley Griffiths that a three-month consultation would be tracking factors like lifestyle, medication, faster detection, easier access to GPs etc to make sure that some or the other way to rein in the rising rate of deaths due to heart diseases can be reduced.

Health Minister to Be Questioned By Health Committee over Correspondence

Lesley-GriffithsThe Welsh Government has imposed allegations on Health Minister Lesley Griffiths, as a consequence she will have to face a hard time at a National Assembly Committee, as she will be facing a row of questions about correspondence, which brought about a change in hospital report.

PIP Implant Replacement Under Discussion

ImplantRecent statement from the Health Minister regarding the PIP replacement has given new hopes to not only those women who have got their implants from the NHS but also all those women, who got their breasts implanted from a private provider.

Yes, the good news is for all the women in Wales, whose PIP breast implants have unfortunately got defective and need replacements immediately.

Wales Government Determined to Reduce Cancer Rates

CancerIt has been reported that the authorities of Wales are planning to form a strategy to reduce the cancer rates. The Welsh Government has asked the medical authorities of local government, third sector and the public sector to0 work closely so that cancer rates could be minimized by 2016.