Michael Mosley

Few Minutes High-Intensity Training Every Day Can Make You Fitter and Stronger

exerciseWhat better than this that a person can get fitter and stronger and that too in just a few minutes of workout to be done every day. It would surely give you a sigh of relief as there would be no need to be on treadmill for hours or to spend a lot of money to get a personal trainer.

You can Teach Yourself to be Optimist in Seven Weeks: Researchers

You can Teach Yourself to be Optimist in Seven Weeks: ResearchersAired in a BBC documentary last night, findings of a research have suggested that our brain can be trained to become optimist in just seven weeks.

The research looked personalities of various people and tried to find out if it was possible to change them. It emerged that with help of certain mental exercises, it was possible to train the brain to look on bright side of life.

'Fast Diet' Allows You Eat What You Wish, Claims Dr. Mosley

Fast-DietWhile dieting would create an image of a restricted diet each day, with no chocolates or other luring foods, 'Fast Diet' would take you to a completely different track.

A report has recently unveiled that the diet would allow you to eat anything you like, while you still will be on diet. This is so because you would be fasting for two days a week and would continue with your normal diet for the rest five days.