Steve Jobs

NY Times: Apple has been running the same as ever without Steve Jobs

NY Times: Apple has been running the same as ever without Steve JobsThe New York Times has said in a recent report that there has been no disquieting slowdown at tech giant Apple after the company's current CEO Tim Cook took over the reins from his predecessor, late Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs an Admirer of Land, Says Christopher Bonanos

Steve-JobsDo you know, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was a follower and admire of Land, who was determined to have a company impeccable in its services? The Senior Editor of New York, Christopher Bonanos has recently traced the ups and downs of Land’s master business, ‘Polaroid’.

Poaching Lawsuit Filed against Leading Tech Companies

Steve-JobsIt has been unveiled in a recent report that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, had urged Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt not to steal Apple employees. He was accused of trying to recruit engineers from Apple, which is a serious offense.

Walter Isaacson Reveals Some Unknown Aspects of Steve Jobs

Steve-JobsWalter Isaacson has attempted to explore some unknown aspects about Steve Jobs in his latest biography. It stated that earlier in 2003, health experts have urged Steve Jobs to undergo a surgical operation in order to eradicate an abnormal growth of cancerous tumor in his pancreas.

CT scan and various other medical tests have confirmed the development.

UAE pays rich tributes to Apple co-founder Jobs

UAE pays rich tributes to Apple co-founder JobsWorld has lost a visionary leader who altered the music, computer and mobile communications landscape for millions of people around the globe. The Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs were remembered by many when the news of Jobs losing battle against cancer flashed in media. People remembered his achievements and termed him as a great mentor and innovative personality.

Obama and Top IT Heads Meet in California

Obama and Top IT Heads Meet in CaliforniaThe Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs, was in Northern California this Friday in a meeting with the elite of Silicone Valley. Apart from the heads of technology giants, the meeting was also attended by the US President Barack Obama.