State Street Agrees to pay 412 Million to Settle Pay-to-Play Charges

On Thursday, Securities and Exchange Commission announced that State Street Bank and Trust based in Boston has agreed to pay $12 million fine in settling federal charges. The charges brought against the investment management firm were that it took help of a pay-to-play scheme through one of its top manager and also hired a lobbyist to get contracts from Ohio pension funds.

State Street Bank agreed to pay $12 million in fine without admitting or denying the findings by the SEC.

Mobile Phones Affecting Parenting Skills: Study

Mobile-PhonesA new study has revealed that use of mobile phones is distracting parents and caregivers, especially at mealtime.

Fly Boston-Dubai nonstop with Emirates

Fly Boston-Dubai nonstop with EmiratesEmirates Airline has planned to start nonstop Boston-Dubai flight from March 10 next year. The airline will fly everyday round-trip non-stop flight on 226-seater Boeing 777-200LR plane. The company has already started selling tickets for $2400 for round trip.

Bullying Increases Odds for Psychological Trauma

bullyingA study carried out by a team of researchers at the Duke University has revealed that people who are bullied at young age are at higher risks of suffering from psychological problems and mental trauma.

Binge Eating makes a person habitual of Smoking Illicit Drugs

SmokingIn a breakthrough revelation, it has been revealed that binge eating can make a person smoke illicit drugs. The study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine has unveiled that a number of side effects of binge eating are been known and a new negative effect has been added to the list.

Violence in Games Can Cause Potential Damage to Brain, Says Study

Violence-GamesA study conducted on 85 brains of the dead professional athletes has found a major link between the violence in games and brain damage.

The research was carried out at the Boston University in which 68 out of the total investigated 85 brains were reported to suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is caused by regular hits to the head, leading to depression, memory loss, aggression and dementia.