US Supreme Court Decision Expected To Make Insurance Requirement for All to Obtain

InsuranceAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that since the past two years, when health care laws were passed, government, states, insurers, doctors and hospitals have been urging to extend insurance to 30 million more Americans.

However, it is being believed that a US Supreme Court decision which is expected to be later on this month will make insurance a requirement for all to obtain.

People to Vote in Favour or Against Proposition 29

Concentrate On When to Eat, Claim Researchers

healthierA new study, published online in Cell Metabolism, has proposed that in order to keep balanced body weight, the focus should not be on what to eat, rather it should be when to eat. The study was carried out by researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif.

Cannabis Provides Relief from MS Pain

CannabisIt is not the first time that it has been said that smoking marijuana gives relief to people, who have been suffering from multiple sclerosis. Recently, a study has been done, which states that smoking cannabis is effective for patients, who witness extreme pain due to multiple sclerosis.

California Health Departments Issue Quarantine Orders

milkAs per reports, it has been revealed that the California Department of Public Health has recalled all raw milk and butter products from Organic Pastures. It has happened as 10 people got sick due to the presence of campylobacter in the milk and other dairy products.

Genes Producing Blond Hair Different in Europe and the South Pacific

Genes Producing Blond Hair Different in Europe and the South Pacific A new study from researchers is differentiating the genetic quirk responsible for naturally blond hair of people in the Solomon Islands from the one that is responsible to produce blond hair in people of European ancestry.

Solomon Islands has a big population of dark skin but it is also a fact that the region has 5-10 percent population with naturally blond hair as well.