California Raw Milk Dairy Starts Reselling Again

Raw-Milk-DairyFollowing the fears of catching E. Coli O157: H7 or other harmful bacteria from the dairy’s cow, milk, facilities and manure, California's Department of Food and Agriculture (approx a month back) imposed a statewide ban on the consumption of all the dairy's raw milk and raw-milk products except for aged cheese.

Need for Doctor “Report Cards” for Quality Care

Doctor-Report-CardsIn a recent report, it has been made clear that the Government would be probing through the consolidate database so that it can be find out whether doctors have been able to give the deserving treatment to their patients or not.

Obese girls at greater risk of high BP than boys

Health Food Essential for Dementia Patients, Study

DementiaA recent study has found that the dementia patients could be helped in recovery by providing healthy meals. The study was conducted by the researchers of the University of California, San Francisco.

The researchers are of the view that by changing the lifestyle of people, the chances of a person to develop illness like dementia and Alzheimer’s could be avoided.

Scientists Reveal Method Regarding Better Response to Chemotherapy

Scientists at the University of California Davis Cancer Center have revealed a method that will enhance better response to chemotherapy, as they are reported to have increased the production of a microRNA found in bladder cancer cell lines and encoded for, by the gene miR-34a.

This method led to the elimination of more of the cells by cisplatin, which is a ‘standard chemotherapy drug used to combat many different types of cancer’.

Hospitals in California Introduce Their Expenditure Programs for the Year