Turkey-inspired sensors may now find toxins

TurkeySome people may think about turkeys as very useful for lunch and special feats, still bioengineers at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) saw influence in these birds for an alternate kind of biosensor that changes shade when exposed to manufactured vapours.

Heart attack may now be avoided by a simple blood test in the future

blood-testResearchers at the Scripps Research Center in California have advanced a basic blood test that could identify a heart attack much in advance. This new advancement could be the new revolution in the medical world.

These units flow because of advance of plaque in the conduits. The Healthline states that the test distinguishes specific cells in the bloodstream that are found after heart assaults.

Family Shifts Brain Dead Teenager to New Facility

Jahi-McMathDespite doctors calling her dead, California girl's family has finally been able to move her to a new care unit. This 13-year old girl had severe complications after she underwent sleep apnea surgery.

According to doctors and experts, Jahi McMath's is dead legally, as there is no electrical activity taking place neither in her brain stem nor in cerebrum. Her condition is actually worse than a patient in coma.

3D-Printed Liver may be Available Next Year

LiverCalifornia-based Organovo is looking forward to unveil the first bio-printed organ soon. Patients with cirrhotic livers are likely to soon have their doctors implant a 3D-printed liver in a few days.

1,500 Students and Faculty Members Tested for Tuberculosis in High School in Southern California

1,500 Students and Faculty Members Tested for Tuberculosis in High School in Southern CaliforniaMore than 1,500 students and faculty members in a high school in Southern California have been tested for tuberculosis. The test was governed after one student fell sick with the bacterial infection last month. The student attended the high school from September to mid-November and is likely to recover fully.

Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Affects Kid’s Brain

AlcoholA latest study has found that exposure to alcohol at the time of pregnancy severely disturbs key features of brain growth that potentially lead to increased worry and poor motor function. These conditions can be observed usually in humans with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).