Apollo Ghost e-scooter comes with lots of unique features and capabilities

Apollo Ghost e-scooter comes with lots of unique features and capabilities

Apollo Ghost, one of the most compact and refined adult electric scooters available in the market, comes with a lot of unique features and capabilities that make it stand apart from the crowd.

BlackBerry building hype over its Mercury smartphone

BlackBerry, Canadian manufacturer which is struggling to regain its lost share in the highly competitive smartphone market, is apparently building up the hype over its upcoming flagship device dubbed Mercury.

Although Mercury has already made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, but details about its specs and features remain quite elusive.

Canadian Auto Sales for Detroit Three and Japan’s top Three Auto Makers Rise 7.4 Percent in June

For June 2016, the big three automakers of Detroit, Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler as well as the largest auto makers of Japan, Nissan, Toyota and Hoda posted higher Canadian sales on an annual basis. It gain is credited to the increasing demand for light trucks and along with boosted sales figures and one extra selling day in the month.

June sales across the auto industry touched new records in June, gaining 7.4 percent to 191,088 on an annual basis.

CanadianAlaradi leaves UAE following release after two years

Salim Alaradi, a Canadian Libyan has left the United Arab Emirates after being detained for two years in the country.

His family was delighted after he safely left the country after two years of being in prison in the UAE. His family said that it was a great news and posted a video of him sitting on a flight leaving Dubai on Thursday.

UAE releases Libyan-Canadian man acquitted of aiding militants

A Canadian national of Libyan origin has been released from a prison in Abu Dhabiaftera period of two years.

The man named, Salim Alaradiwas acquitted of aiding militants and accused of providing supplies to groups in a foreign country without permission of the U. A. E. government and also collecting donations without the government's permission in the country. The man as well as two Libyan-American businessmen, Kamal Eldarat and his son Mohamed were charged with acquitted of aiding militants but were clared by the by a UAE security court on Monday.

Canadian wildfire threatens oil sector

The blazing and devastating wildfire that has already forced thousands out of their homes in towns and communities in the state of Alberta in Canada, is not having an impact on the oil industry.