Mobile Sized Ultrasound Scanner Launches in Europe and North America

Mobile Sized Ultrasound Scanner Launches in Europe and North AmericaA portable ultrasound scanner having the same size as a large mobile phone has been launched in Europe and North America.

The scanner could speed up diagnosis for emergency patients, medics claim. The Vscan can be used to image the heart and other organs.

Stay Happy to Have a Healthy Heart: Report

Heart-DiseaseEnthusiastic people have heart-protective outcomes, and hence are less likely to develop heart disease, said a report published in the issue of the European Heart Journal.

On a study of the relationship between happiness and heart disease, researchers concluded that if people did more of the things they liked, they could significantly reduce their risk of heart attack and angina.

Dubai customs foils drug smuggling bid

Dubai customs foils drug smuggling bidEuropean police nabbed man reportedly carrying 2kg cannabis traced by Dubai customs officers during the routine X-ray inspection at Dubai Cargo Village. The suspicious courier package arrived in Dubai from Africa and desired to send in any unknown European destination. The custom inspector found the packet wrapped in such a way to represent the misleading intentions of the person concerned.

Aegon Profit Swings Despite Earlier Losses

Dutch Insurer Aegon, that owns TransAmerica in the United States, swung to a net profit of 145 million Euros in the third quarter from a previous year loss 329 million Euros.

The company said impairments had lowered from 393 million Euros a year to €285 million in the third quarter previous year, while the company had achieved its 2009 cost savings target of €150 million.

ING on Restructuring Spree

ING Group NV has seen net profit improvement in the third quarter on its investments, and streamlining plans are reported to be on track. The company finalized strategies on shunting some of its Dutch retail banking operations, their insurance business deals with insurance, and U.S. online bank, thereby introducing rights issue for €7.5 billion.