Funding of SMEs- German bank comes to help

Funding of SMEs- German bank comes to helpThe Frankfurt-based German development bank KfW is support funding to the planned Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, part of the remit of which will be to improve funding availability to domestic SMEs.

The state-owned German bank has already pledged €1bn in aid to support Spain's small business community and is also assessing support for Greek SMEs.

Pigeons Use Smell to Navigate Their Way Back Home

PigeonsAccording to a latest study, the researchers have discovered that the pigeons find their way back home with the help of odors and winds. The study reveals that these birds use atmospheric odors as a map in order to fly back home.

If you wash your hands, you will become positive

If you wash your hands, you will become positiveWashing our hands impacts how we consider, judge and choose, consistent with analysts who inspected how physical purging influences individuals after disappointment.

Following this, a study has stated that washing your hands after you have fizzled at something can make you hopeful.

ECI Raises Canadian Flag to Pay Honour to Anne Salomon

Anne-SalomonIn a tribute to SFU researcher Anne Salomon, the Canadian flag was raised by Europe's International Ecology Institute (ECI), Oldendorf, Germany, at its award ceremony.

The ECI is a non-profit group that comprises highly popular international research ecologists. It has been revealed that the organization is completely devoted to cultivating ecological knowledge as well as awareness.

Aldi Annual Profits Increase by Double, Sales Grow by 40.6%

AldiGerman low-cost grocery chain Aldi has reported an increase in profits by double in the last year while in sales it has reported a 40.6% increase.

The increasing sales and profits have forced the company to hire more staff for its 500 stores. It also added more checkouts for dealing with around one million new customers.

Video shows Mystery Objects in Night Sky of Germany

Video shows Mystery Objects in Night Sky of GermanyA video has been seen showing three unidentified green shapes in the night sky over Germany. Mr. Hansen, who is the lead investigator on Syfy Channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files series, said to the Huffington Post that the objects in the video were too defined.