Giant Prehistoric 'Terror Bird' was actually Vegetarian, not a Ruthless Predator

Giant-Prehistoric-Terror-BirdA giant prehistoric terror bird was wrongly believed to be a ruthless predator. It was once thought to be snapping the necks of mammals with its big enormous beak. Now, a new study has come with findings that called it a vegetarian.

Eight more Cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia Surges Global Total to 102

CoronavirusThe World Health Organization revealed on Wednesday that eight more people in Saudi Arabia have become infected of the MERS coronavirus. This has brought the number of confirmed infections to 102 in the globally. Of them, half of the victims have succumbed to the disease.

Prehistoric Chefs in Europe used Garlic Mustard for Culinary Purposes

EuropeResearchers have found evidence that European liked spicy food at least 6,000 years ago. The conclusion was based on findings of garlic mustard in the residues left on ancient pottery shards. The shards were found in Denmark and Germany.

More money is made by people who have more sex

More money is made by people who have more sexResearch has stated that among people with ages between 26 and 50, the link between sex and wages was highest.

The new research is from the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany and it states that more money is made by people who have frequent sex.

Jasleen is Germany’s Heaviest Baby

JasleenJasleen, a newborn girl, has become Germany's heaviest baby. She weighs 13lb 8oz and is 23 inches long.

One of the other startling revelations is that Jasleen's mother Maria has delivered her through normal delivery. Maria came at University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, on the day of the delivery.

Heaviest Baby Born in Germany Weighs 6.1kg

Heaviest-Baby-BornA baby girl born in Germany on July 26 is the country's largest ever newborn. Baby Jasleen was born on Friday at the University Hospital in Leipzig and weighed more than 6kgs.