Heaviest Baby Born in Germany Weighs 6.1kg

Heaviest-Baby-BornA baby girl born in Germany on July 26 is the country's largest ever newborn. Baby Jasleen was born on Friday at the University Hospital in Leipzig and weighed more than 6kgs.

Undersea Methane Reservoirs Initiated by Earthquakes, says Study

sea-MethaneSome German and Swiss scientists have unveiled that earthquakes can result in sub-sea pockets of methane. This is a highly intoxicating greenhouse gas. Quake-caused methane results in heat-trapping carbon emissions and also affect climate all across the globe. The researchers have not defined the scale of earthquake's contribution in emission of methane gas.

Physicists Stop Light for More One Minute

PhysicistsFor the first time in the history, scientists have been able to stop light for the longest duration, a minute. Light is known as the fastest thing in the universe and to stop it for 60 seconds is a milestone.

Azzam, the World’s Largest Yacht

AzzamAzzam is the 590-foot longest yacht in the world. It is undocked at the Lurssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany. The overall cost for creating the yacht is $605 million. It has been under construction for three years.

According to reports, the yacht is constructed for one of the richest men in the world who is speculated to be from the United Arab Emirates. Before Azzam, Eclipse used to be the longest yacht in the world.

Germany’s State-Owned Rail Operator Rolls Back the Use of English

RailThe initiative by Deutsche Bahn will put brakes on the use of English in Germany. The campaign was launched by Germany's state-owned rail operator to roll back the use of English. Booklets of 2,200 German phrases have been issued for use instead of the corresponding Anglicisms.

Narcissistic men Able to Attract Women’s Attention

Narcissistic men Able to Attract Women’s AttentionAs per a study that is going to be published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it has been revealed that narcissistic men have an upper edge when it comes to attract women.