In Asia Oil Prices Move Down Due to Iran Accord

In Asia Oil Prices Move Down Due to Iran AccordEarly Monday oil prices fell in Asia, as a nuclear accord between Iran and six world powers relieved geopolitical tensions.

This deal may pave way for more crude oil to reach the global market.

Next Iranian Animal Astronaut to go in Space is Persian Cat

Persian-CatAs per previous reports, it has been revealed that Iran had sent a monkey into the space.

According to the Associated Press report, the official news agency of the Iranian republic, said that Iran is set to take its next step into space by sending a Persian cat into the space.

Persian cat is amongst the most popular breeds of the cats and has long hairs and open face.

Azzam Alwash Honored with Goldman Environmental Prize

Azzam-AlwashAzzam Alwash was honored with the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize on Monday at San Francisco for his works in restoring the marshes. Five others were also awarded on the day for their noticeable works across the world.

Iran’s Space Program Under Scanner

IranA recent report talked about Iran's space programme, which recently was in news. It was said that they have sent a monkey into space. It is believed that it could pave way for many technological developments for the country, which for long has been urging to get into the likes of other advanced countries.

Iranian President’s Wish to Be Astronaut Takes Shape of Quip

AstronautSen. John McCain could just not stop himself from cracking a gag when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on Monday, expressed his wish of becoming an astronaut.

It was a nasty one-liner that said that the President's wish has been already granted. He cited the example of the monkey that was sent only some time back into space by Iranians during a test flight.

A Goal has been Tracked into Action by Iran: Human Flight to Space

IranIran is moving high on the paths of technology and is doing every that bit of their efforts that they need to do to prove themselves a master in the technology of life support.

On Monday, it has been announced on the Iranian state television that a monkey had been put into space by the nation. It was a trial to confirm if humans could survive there. The flight was a successful one.