Iran's Qeshm island experiences serious shaking due to Magnitude-5 quake

A magnitude-5 earthquake has reportedly hacked electricity and raised panic on Iran’s Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. The information was given by Iran’s Seismological Center. However, no casualties or damage has occurred.

The earthquake which hit on Wednesday was actually the second strong temblor to occur in Qeshm in a week. Seven people were killed and other 40 were injured during the magnitude-6 quake which occurred on 10th September. The quake was so severe that it sent tremors to the Gulf and the skyscrapers of Dubai experienced some serious shakes.

Quake results in death of five and 26 injured

According to Iranian state television, Southern Iran was hit by an earthquake sending tremors across the Persian Gulf and trembling the skyscrapers of Dubai in which at least five people were killed and 26 got injured.

It was a magnitude six quake which struck about 850 miles south of capital Tehran, in the region of Bandar Abbas, according to the countries seismological centre reports.
Officially no causalities were reported by the TV .Tremors also caused power outage and bought slight damages on Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf