Ways to Balance Weight and Maintain It

AppleIndians are always known for their culture, traditions and not to forget their food. They love to serve and also are fond of eating, be it pizzas, chaat, south Indian food, Chinese or Italian.

Well it is simply too hard to restrict oneself from such tasty food, which appear so good, smell so delicious. But then get ready to face its consequences, weight gain. Overeating and in taking so much of calories will definitely make one fat.

Euro surges on ECB’s plan to intervene directly in bond markets

Euro surges on ECB’s plan to intervene directly in bond marketsThe struggling Euro surged on Friday on renewed optimism that European Central Bank (ECB) would soon take more concrete action to help the continent come out of the persistent debt crisis.

On Thursday, ECB President Mario Draghi announced that the bank could begin unlimited buying of debt-laden countries' bonds to help them slash borrowing costs.

Robot Performs a Liver Transplant Surgery in Italy; Donor and Recipient Both are Fine

Liver-Transplant-SurgeryFor the first time in the entire medical history, a robot had removed the organ of the donor. Yes, at one of the medical transplant centers on the Italian island of Sicily, a robot was programmed to perform the world's first partial liver transplant.

Research Article Triggers Furore; Authors Serve Apology

australiaA recent story published in the Journal of Medical Ethics has been getting the attention of one and all as it has made some controversial claims about abortion. The study titled “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” has been done by two Italian ethicists working in Australia.

European Countries Failing to Consume Adequate Amount of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits-VegetablesA survey conducted by the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) has pointed out that people are not consuming adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. From time to time people are mad aware of the benefits of consuming rich nutritional food but many fail to include them in their diet.

Premature Death in People Sleeping For Lesser Time: Study Finds

SleepingPeople, who indulge in sleeping for less than six hours every night, are 12% more likely to die untimely as contrasted with those who take eight hours sleep.

The finding by the University of Warwick and Federico II University Medical School, Italy, shows an evidence of the straight association between diminutive duration of sleep and an augmented probability of dying ahead of time.