High dosage of iron can damage DNA, study

According to a new study, a high dosage of iron in human body can result in DNA damage within a period of 10 minutes.

Experts said that physicians should carefully look at the amount of iron given in standard treatments including tablets and infusions. They should also be careful about the effects of iron intake on human body. They said that iron is for the body to function and it plays an important role in transporting oxygen.

Mathematical Model to Overcome Jetlag Developed

Jetlag-DevelopedHere is a promising way to cure jet-lag. Researchers from the University of Michigan and Yale University have developed a mathematical model that helps in overcoming jetlag faster than considered earlier.

Budget Cuts leave Number of Adults with Mental Health Problems without Key Social Care Support

MentalAn analysis by Mind, a leading charity, has found that budget cuts have disastrous effects on people with mental health problems. They are unable to have the needed social care that can prevent their health to deteriorate further.

Outbreak of Vomiting Virus Forces Heston Blumenthal to Close London restaurant

Heston-BlumenthalA vomiting virus outbreak has led Heston Blumenthal to close its London restaurant.  Apologies have been offered to customers by the 'culinary alchemist' at the exclusive two-Michelin-starred Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel.

BHF Fundraising Campaign to Help People with Coronary Heart Diseases

BHFResearchers from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops revealed that 85% of local London people prefer romantic gestures over expensive gifts. About 20% of local people in London believe that sending love letter to their partners is the best way to express their love while 21% believes that having breakfast in bed is a suitable option.

Competition Commission Orders Sale of 9 Hospitals

Competition-CommissionIn order to curb the dominance of three biggest private hospital groups, Spire, BMI and HCA, the Competition Commission has ordered to sell off nine hospitals.