Some Relief for Rail Commuters as fares cap will cut trip to London by £1

London-RailOn Thursday rail passengers and motorists got some relief from expected extra costs when the chancellor cancelled a planned rise in fuel duty and limited average train fare rises to inflation.

This means people of Scotland using cross-border services will witness prices move up by 3.1% next month instead of the intended 4.1%.

Joblessness for more than Two Years Leads to Early Ageing among Men

JoblessnessA new study has come up with findings that do not sound good for men who remain unemployed for long time. The study found that men who remain jobless for more than two years begin to show early signs of faster ageing in their DNA.

London Hospital Short of Funds

St-Thomas-HospitalAccording to latest reports, the hospital authorities are afraid and fearful about the London hospital as it will not able to cope this winter after four A&E departments were denied millions of pounds in an urgent situation.

Researchers Conduct New Op to Treat Patients of Heart Failure

Heart-FailureThe UK has put its first step when it comes to making efforts to treat heart failure patients. A recent report has uncovered that a new operation has been trialled in the nation, which is expected to bring an improvement in the failing heart function.

Woman wins Payout from a Company for Asbestos Exposure

AsbestosA woman who suffered from asbestos poisoning between 1967 and 1983 has received a substantial payment from its parent company. The woman suffered from terminal cancer because of making asbestos `snow balls' with dust in a local factory. She grew up by an asbestos plant in Bowburn, County Durham.

London May Turn Out as Coming Offshore Yuan Centre

ChinaInvestors in London would likely be encouraged due to China to become the subsequent offshore yuan trading centre following Hong Kong.

It has been revealed that the investors would be given the right by China to purchase mainland stocks, money market instruments and bonds, all worth nearly 80 billion yuan.