Blobfish Receives Worst Kind of Distinction: Report

BlobfishBlobfish, probably not known to many, has been given an unsavory distinction in a recently conducted online poll. The deep-sea fish has been given the tag of "world's ugliest animal".

Scientist Unravels Mystery behind Evolution's Big Bang

Big-BangA new study has been conducted to figure out reasons behind sudden appearance of a range of modern animals about half a billion years ago. The findings suggested that the evolution of all these animals during the lower Cambrian can be understood through only a relatively minor increase in evolutionary rates. The rates remained the same for 20-30 million years.

Plans to Impose Fines on Lorries in London to Protect Cyclists

CyclistsCity's mayor has announced plans to introduce a scheme for making lorries safer for road users. The move has come up as a response to the death of a cyclist after a collision with an HGV in London.

A white Mercedes lorry, reportedly, hit a woman on Thurlow Park Road near the junction of Gallery Road in West Dulwich. As per reports of Scotland Yard, the woman was in her 30s.

Inquiry into Horsemeat Results in Two Arrests

HorsemeatBritish police was conducting an investigation into the horsemeat scandal recently, which ended in arrests of two men.

According to the police, these men have been detained for they were suspected of conspiring to con. Two other men have also been interviewed under caution.

Foxtons to Announce Flotation this Week

FoxtonsA flotation that has been valued around £500m is to be unveiled by the London estate agency Foxtons this week. According to the revelations of a new report, the aim is to strengthen the growing investor confidence in property market of the UK.

Officials in London Demand Removal of Trash Bins

advertisingadvertisingOn Monday, officials were found raged and demanding that an advertising company should no more be making use of a state-of-the-art rubbish bin network. The report finds that the same keeps track of people's movements while they walk through the financial district of London.