App Now Allows to Make Payments

PaymentsIt is for the first time that locals in Richmond, London, have been able to buy products with the help of a profile picture.

It has been found that the high street has started using such a system, which works merely by identifying the first name and picture of the customers. A mobile phone app does the same.

Biggest ‘Fatberger’ Discovered in London Sewer

LondonSimply a pathetic image of a `fatberger' present at the top of the sewer in Britain has been discovered by some engineers. This video has been captured by the spectators and is also available online.

Oral Tradition of Passing Words Dying: Study

emailsIt seems technology has left its impact on generations. A recent study has shed light on the fact that the technology dependent society will witness younger generation with stunted vocabulary. Fewer words are a part of conversation, which forms a significant element of learning vocabulary.

People Happiest in Early 20s and Late 60s, Says Study

People-HappiestA new study has claimed that people are most satisfied at the ages of 23 years and 69 years. The same means a person has two phases of life wherein he could be completely take pleasure.

Researchers at the London School of Economics' Center for Economic Performance had carried out the study. Two pinnacle satisfaction periods were identified by the same, which recruited almost 23,161 people of ages 17 to 85 years.

Women with Mental Disorder Seeks Becoming Paralyzed

ParalyzedA woman from London diagnosed with a mental disease called Body Integrity Identity Disorder is seeking to get paralyzed.

Named Jennings-White she is physically healthy woman. As per reports, she desires to get paralyzed in wake of her mental disease. People with the disease are found to reject their limbs.

London to Paris Charity Cycling from July 3

Charity-CyclingJoshua Olaleye, a former Reading winner, is going to take up another challenge. This time, he is going to travel London to Paris on a bicycle for raising funds for a centre that helps autistic children.