Researchers Find Reason behind Cancer Spread

CancerPublished in Nature Cell Biology, a latest study by a group of researchers at University College London has helped it discover the reason behind the spread of cancer. It is being hoped that the discovery would help millions of people survive healthily.

As per the report, a mechanism dubbed the `chase and run' effect has been found. The same says diseased cells and healthy cells are followed by one another around the body.

Hawksley Fights Death Eight Times

HawksleyMiraculous! What else would you call it? Eight times one after one, he has cheated death and is now planning to run, cycle as well as swim on July 27 in the Virgin Active London Triathlon.

Without a doubt, the man, at the age of 25 years only, has lived a cat's nine lives. It has been found that the man has defeated four heart attacks, a 15ft fall, pneumonia, MRSA and even cancer.

Stafford Staff Turns Blind Fold to Wrong Doings, said Berwick

NHSIt was some three months back that Prof Berwick, a global safety expert, was appointed by Cameron to lead a three month review on NHS Safety. He was present at a conference of medical leaders and managers in London, where he talked about failings of Stafford Hospital.

London Health Sciences Centre to Make Job Cuts

London-Health-Sciences-CentreAdopting the measure of attrition, London Health Sciences Centre is going to eliminate between 50 and 60 jobs. They have to take such a step in order to cover up for $30-million budget shortfall.

Rare Dodo Bone and Gigantic Fossilized Elephant Bird Egg to go under Hammer

Elephant-Bird-EggAuction of a rare dodo bone will take place on April 24 at the auction house Christie's, London. It was in the late 17th century that the flightless bird reached at the state of extinction.

Their Large Eyes Led to Extinction of Neanderthals

NeanderthalsA team of researchers at the University of Oxford conducted a study in collaboration with researchers from the Natural History Museum, London. Following the study, the team claimed that Neanderthals became extinct most probably because they had large eyes.