Team of Mechanical Engineers Creates a Snail-Inspired Robot

Snail-Inspired-RobotA group of mechanical engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been encouraged make a snail-inspired robot. Snails are slow, slimy and sometimes irritating creatures, but the ability of the creature to move in any direction has become the cause for inspiration.

The creation is known as the RoboSnailtakes obtains signal from a living snail.

Scientist appeals for Flights to be re-routed to areas where pollution can't grow

Flights-pollutionA scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has raised a call for re-routing of the flights to those areas that are higher level sufferers of ozone pollution.

Steven Barrett, the researcher, said that the content of ozone generated by aircraft emissions is different in varying areas. It was suggested that the amount of emission is highest in those areas where there is minimum amount of existing pollution.

Scientists Seem near Weight-Loss Pill Development

Weight-Loss-PillAll attempts of obese people seem to be ending up failing eventually. Therefore, scientists have been making attempts to develop a pill that could fight the condition.

Broccoli is One of the Best Foods to Fight PMT, Study Finds

BroccoliIn a recent research, it has been found that plant foods like Broccoli are rich in non-heme iron and therefore these serve beneficial for women. In every 100 g of Broccoli, there exists 1mg of non-heme iron and therefore it helps women prevent premenstrual tension (PMT).

Federal Officials to Clear the Link between Deaths, Hospitalizations and Energy Drinks

Fate of Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts to Be Decided By People

MarijuanaThe fate of marijuana in Massachusetts will be decided by people. Depending upon the decision of the voters, it will be decided whether marijuana will be legally provided to people for medical purposes.

Supporters of the act, suggest that if medical marijuana is allowed to be used by patients, then it will help them cope with the pain due to their sufferings and provide relief to them.