Aerial spraying to resume tonight in several communities

mosquitoAs announced by the state department of public health in southeastern Massachusetts, due to poor weather conditions, since the mosquito spraying was left uncompleted in several regions, the same would be continued on Sunday. It will resume in the night around 8:15 p. m. and will take place till 2 a. m. Monday morning.

New Health Care Laws Put Forth by Massachusetts House Leaders

New Health Care Laws Put Forth by Massachusetts House Leaders As per a new health care payment bill put forth by Massachusetts House leaders, it has been depicted that it will be able to cut short finances of family by approximately $2,000 annually over the next five years.

However, it has been illustrated that the new reforms will be achieved only when the health care system will be removed of existing cutting waste and inefficiency.

Measles Outbreak Causing Concerns

MeaslesA formal announcement by the Indiana State Department of Health has been made regarding the measles outbreak in Massachusetts and New York. It has been reported that some of the residents of Massachusetts and New York have come in contact with deadly measles virus during their visit to Super Bowl Village.

Need for Doctor “Report Cards” for Quality Care

Doctor-Report-CardsIn a recent report, it has been made clear that the Government would be probing through the consolidate database so that it can be find out whether doctors have been able to give the deserving treatment to their patients or not.