UAE donates 116 million vaccines toPakistan

The United Arab Emirates has said that it has donated a total of nearly 116 million polio vaccines to Pakistan for more than two years aiming to eradicate the disease from the country.

Pipeline Construction to gain speed: Pakistan and Iran

Pipeline Construction to gain speed: Pakistan and IranPakistan and Iran have agreed to speed up the execution of an ambitious multi-billion dollar gas pipeline project which will help to meet some of the needs of the energy-starved country.

Pakistani Man Arrested with 470 Black Turtles

Black-TurtlesA Pakistani man was held by custom department with 470 black pond turtles. Customs Department director-general Rakop Srisupaat said that the officials got suspicious about Mustafa Ali, 25, when he came with four large suitcases.

Dengue Spreading at its Peak

Dengue Spreading at its PeakRawalpindi district is facing peak season for the spread of dengue fever. This climate is more favorable for reproduction and growth of larvae of `aedes aegypti', responsible for causing the infection.

This season will last till mid of November, according to health experts. So, serious precautionary measures are needed to protect from the infection, which is reported to have already spread in the region.

Popping up of islands out of sea isn’t rare phenomenon

pakistanThe popping up of an island off the southern coast of Pakistan last week immediately after the eruption of a mud volcano was not a rare thing of its kind.

Charles Darwin mentioned in its works that islands often pop up in shallow marshy patches. He noted that many such islands emerged off the coasts of Finland and Sweden.

Pakistan has Queued Up for a Free Ride to Space Station from China

PakistanA declaration was made by China that it would introduce foreigners in a team of astronauts for its upcoming mission to space. The announcement has also led Pakistan to queue up for a free ride to the space.

Pakistan would be the first country to get advantage from this programme. This was told by Ahmed Bilal, chairman of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission to the newspaper 'China Daily'.