Yuengling Agrees to Pay $2.8M fine and to Improve Pollution Control

The regulators accused Pennsylvania based beer company Yuengling of violating the Clear Water Act for dumping a high level of industrial waste into a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The company has agreed to pay $2.8 million as fine to settle charges. Additionally, it will also install new pollution control measures in two of its breweries.

On top of that, as part of the settlement Youngling will also spend $7 million to improve environmental systems at the breweries close to Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Childhood Eczema Sufferers can Face Problem for Lifetime

EczemaChildren with eczema can suffer the problem even in their adult life and the problem can persist for a lifetime also. A new research has based its findings on the assessment of 7,100 children.

Giant Eagle Issues Voluntary Recall for not Declaring Peanuts in Chocolate Santas

Giant-Eagle-Chocolate-SantasA voluntary recall has been issued by an area grocery chain on peanut butter-filled chocolate Santas that did not mention peanuts as an ingredient on the label. Giant Eagle has decided to take back 11-ounce packages of Candy Place Chocolate Santas from customers who purchased them in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Researchers Find Link between Sleep Restriction and Weight Gain

SleepA group of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine has revealed after a latest study that the late a person gets into bed, the more likely he becomes to have a larger waistline.

Woman from Pennsylvania Drinks Half Gallon of Human Blood a Month

Julia-CaplesA care worker from Pennsylvania is so vampire-obsessed that she drinks at least half a gallon of live human blood every month. Julia Caples is a mother of two children and she said blood consumption makes her feel young and vigorous.

Mount Olive hosts robotics event

RoboticsThe Mount Olive High School Robotics Team (MORT) was bustling with activity on Saturday and Sunday as it hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional F. I. R. S. T. Robotics contest.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional F. I. R. S. T. Robotics content is one of six district events hosted in New Jersey and Pennsylvania every year. The event will lead up to the Mid-Atlantic District competition.