Deer Population will Be Reduced Due to Spread of Wasting Disease

Deer-PopulationAccording to the Pennsylvania Game Commission's website, they have discovered the occurrence of chronic wasting disease in captive deer only on an Adams County farm. The state's wild deer population still seems to be protected.

According to the commission, it does not seem like affecting humans. Till now, there has been no evidence to state the spread of this disease in human populations.

Novartis to Fund University of Pennsylvania for Therapies against Cancer

NovartisNovartis will be setting up a new center for research at University of Pennsylvania, for which it will be granting $20 million. The center will be working to provide with an advanced bioengineered immune system that will help fight against cancer.

Image Labels on Cigarettes Packages Will Help Promote Health Warnings

CigarettesAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a US research has claimed that a special kind of label for cigarette packets can help attract attention of smokers towards the health problems related to smoking.

The research has proposed that images like patients on respirators can help divert their mind even towards the ill-effects of smoking and at the same time, the idea can help promote health warnings.

Air Quality Alert Issued to Warn People Regarding Unhealthy Air Pollution

PollutionAs per recent reports, it has been declared Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has launched a Code Orange air quality alert this Monday. This alert has been launched in Susquehanna Valley to warn people regarding unhealthy air pollution.

US Scientists Claim to Have Found a Protein Behind Male Baldness

BaldnessA recent study has managed to find out about the reason behind male baldness. Published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the study has claimed to have found a protein that instigate hair loss in males.

Cancer Drug Helps Mice Suffering from Alzheimer’s

MiceAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that a novel cancer drug is showing sound results in enhancing cognitive abilities in older mice suffering from Alzheimer’s. The statements have been raised by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. The drug dubbed epothilone, or EpoD, is claimed to have shown positive results during the course of various studies conducted on it to find the essence up to which it can be worth.