Philippines Banks Breast Milk to boost Breastfeeding Among Poor

Philippines Breast Milk BankIn an effort to serve the benefits of breastfeeding to even children belonging to the poorer families, the Philippine government's state-run breast milk bank has started collecting and storing breastfeed milk.

The initiative not only aims to serve the poor children but also the officials want to help women get free, who want to return to their work immediately after giving birth to their child.

Dengue Cases Alarm Health Experts

Dengue Cases Alarm Health ExpertsThe significant rise in dengue cases in Davao City has raised high alerts amongst members of the Department of Health, a recent report has uncovered.

The number of cases in the city has been found to be the highest in the whole Davao region, as the city cases are 82% of the total 3000 cases.

Philippine City to Implement Computerized Health Information System

Philippine City to Implement Computerized Health Information SystemAccording to latest reports, the Quezon City Health Department has instigated a novel Community Health Information Tracking worth Php 8.5 million (about US$200,000).

The system has been fabricated by the University of the Philippines, with a memorandum of conformity inked today.

Labor Chief Hopes Better Prospectus for OFWs

Manila hopes that workers from Philippines would continue to make their contribution in the growth of the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through their hard work and dedication.

He ruled out any impact of ongoing "Saudization" policy on the prospectus of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) engaged in various development activities of the Kingdom.

Filipino school to cut half students number

ADECPhilippine National School (PNS), operating from a villa, gathered wreath of people following its announcement to cut the number of pupil by nearly half before the starting of coming academic session. People gathered at the embassy for registering their strong protest against the decision of the school that is to cut the number of pupils from 1,200 to 650, thus, pushing 550 children in dark.

No threat to Pinoy workers: Labor Chief

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that the so called Saudization policy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not going to affect the millions of Filipino workers engaged in various development activities in the country.

Saudization policy mandates maximum local hiring by the companies in the Middle East region and it is aimed to curb growing unemployment in the country in the wake of rising immigrant population.