Welcoming the Nutrition Month

Welcoming the Nutrition MonthJuly is said to be the Nutrition month and therefore, the City Health Office (CHO) along with the City Nutrition Committee are all set to jointly conduct a search upon the importance of Breastfeeding. For this, they will analyze a model Breastfeeding Mother on Thursday.

Philippine Doctors Pledge to Assure a Smoke-Free Environment

Philippine Doctors Pledge to Assure a Smoke-Free EnvironmentThe Philippine Medical Association is working towards protecting people from the danger of second hand smoking, which said to be as harmful as first hand smoking. The association is formed by a group of doctors. The Philippine Medical Association is of the view that every Filipino deserves to live in a pollution-free environment.

Philippines Dubbed Foot and Mouth Disease Free

AnimalThe World Organization for Animal Health declared the Philippines, foot and mouth disease (FMD)-free zone.

The country has been struggling with the disease since the late 80s and 90s. Foot and Mouth Disease has harmful effects on animals with cloven hooves, such as cattle, swine, sheep, goat and deer.

Too Many Nurses, Not Enough Jobs

PhilippineThere seems to be a high rate of graduated nurses ready to start their nursing profession. However, their futures seem uncertain and many nurses are finding themselves in a job that has little to no relation to what they studied at school.

AIDS Awareness Program for the Benefit of People in Philippines

There has been the commencement of a new AIDS awareness program by the Camarines Sur Provincial Government. They have started this new drive for the awareness of people about this deadly disease and how it still has a number of cases down every year.

Nestlé Philippines Inc. Recalls Maggi Noodles

NoodlesThe Philippines Department of Health has strongly recommended the population to stop buying Maggi noodles, at least temporarily. The announcement came after a recall from Nestle's local subsidiary on its Maggi Rich Mami Noodles; beef and chicken noodles. The company has discovered that batches of the product were contaminated with salmonella