Samsung Singapore: ‘Blue Coral’ Galaxy S7 Edge will be launched on Nov. 5

According to Samsung Singapore, a 'Blue Coral' color option for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 Edge big-screen smartphone will be launched by the company next month. The disclosure implies that Samsung is apparently moving on from its Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

The Galaxy S7 Edge handset -- for which Samsung will soon be launching a 'Blue Coral' color option -- is one of the two variants of Samsung's current flagship handset; the other one being its smaller counterpart, the Galaxy S7.

Singapore’s Central Bank Eases Monetary Policy

Singapore’s Central Bank Eases Monetary PolicyFor the second time in the year, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the central bank, added some ease to the monetary policy. The economy closely missed a technical recession and the financial agency said that continuing weakness in the global growth prospects will create "headwinds" in the months ahead.

Singapore Joins Regional Counterparts in Restricting from Adding Economic Stimulus

Singapore Joins Regional Counterparts in Restricting from Adding Economic StimulusSingapore also plans to join its regional equivalents like India and Australia, which in recent times kept themselves aloof from adding new easing monetary policies as the Federal Reserve's timing for raising interest rates still remains under speculation.

Singapore Telecommunications Acquiring U.S Based Trustwave, for $810 Million

Singapore Telecommunications Acquiring U.S Based Trustwave, for $810 MillionSingapore Telecommunications, which is the biggest telecom operator of Southeast Asia in terms of revenue, is acquiring Trustwave.

Trustwave is a cyber-security firm based in the U. S. The deal will be worth $810 million. This will be Singtel's largest acquisition so far outside the prime telecom sector.

Scientists Discover How Dengue Virus Manages to Evade Immune System

DengueIt has been revealed by scientists in Singapore that they have unraveled the mystery behind how the dengue virus manages to escape the body's immune safeguards. The mechanism of the same has been discovered by a team of researchers who were led by Duke-NUS associate professor Ooi Eng Eong.

Shortage of Beds in Singapore Hospitals

Tan-Tock-Seng-HospitalAccording to a latest report, there is a severe unavailability of beds at the public hospitals in Singapore. This bed crunch has forced the doctors to take some extraordinary measures in order to treat the patients.

It has been revealed by sources that due to the shortage of beds at the Changi General Hospital (CGH), the medics have recently started to house the patients who are waiting for beds in an air-conditioned tent.