South Korea

Samsung installing special Galaxy Note 7 exchange booths inside airports

Bigwig South Korean device maker Samsung has intensified its efforts to recall all the units of its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 handset.

In a recent announcement, Samsung has revealed that special booths are being installed by the company inside airports in the US, Australia, and South Korea, to enable the users of the potentially-explosive Galaxy Note 7 handsets to submit their devices and get them exchanged with other handsets.

Samsung is expected to soon launch a high-end Chromebook --- ‘Chromebook Pro’

South Korean device maker Samsung is expected to launch a 'premium' Chromebook device soon. The forthcoming high-end Chromebook from Samsung is called 'Chromebook Pro.' The device was previously codenamed as Kevin.

Rumors about Samsung developing an upscale Chromebook have been making rounds for the past few months, though the apparently upcoming launch of the Chromebook Pro device has not been officially confirmed by the company as yet.

Samsung’s shares drop after company warns Galaxy Note 7 users to turn off their smartphones

Samsung Electronics Co. and US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a warning to the users of its latest Galaxy Note flagship smartphone - Galaxy Note 7 - to immediately turn off their handsets and stop charging them.

Samsung Reported Profits of 6.68 trillion Beating Analysts’ Expectations

How is the global smartphone market translating for Samsung, sluggish or a comeback to glory?

With Galaxy S3's launch in 2012, Samsung, the South Korean company, got to be called the smartphone king. Its immense popularity helped Samsung to earn record profits in five straight quarters. But with subsequent launches, the smartphone fortunes of the company appeared gloomy as those could not ignite the same kind of excitement among the customers. The dropping sales numbers led Samsung to seven consecutive quarters of profit decline.

Data Shows Fourth Quarter Growth Slow for South Korea In Spite of Higher Consumer Spending

Data Shows Fourth Quarter Growth Slow for South Korea In Spite of Higher Consumer SpendingIn the last quarter of 2015, South Korea experienced sluggish growth with a drop in construction investment surpassing the improvement noted in consumer spending.

Netflix Expanding Further To Asia in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong And Taiwan

Moving forward with its global rollout plan by next year end, today Netflix, Inc. announced that it will enter the markets of Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan in the first half of 2016.

This month, Netflix expanded to Asia as it started providing services in Japan. When the service is launched the Internet users can subscribe to Netflix for instantly watching a selection of movies and TV shows in high-definition or Ultra HD 4K on almost any screen connected to the Internet.