United States

Plans to visit UAE dropped by Rice

On Tuesday US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice informed that she would remain in Washington to help tackle the global finance crisis instead of visiting the UAE this week.

Rice further informed that John Negroponte, her deputy will attend instead of her at the Fifth Annual Forum for the Future in Abu Dhabi, UAE from October 17-19. She further added that she was disappointed for not attending the event.

UAE to buy Missile Defense System from United States

On Monday, the Washington Post announced that the Pentagon has planned to sell the THAAD missile defense system to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), worth up to 7 billion U.S. Dollar.

It further informed that the Pentagon is expected to inform the Congress for approval of sale very soon.

U.S defense analysis further said that the new system is thought to be used by UAE to protect itself from missile attacks from Iran. In the near future, this system can also be integrated into the U.S. air defense network in the Middle East.