Dubai Police apprehend 16,000 Pistols en route to Yemen

PistolsThe Dubai police had huge success against illegal arm shipments on Friday. According to Emirates news agency a huge shipment with 16000 pistols of different specifications were caught by Dubai police, which were en route from Turkey to Yemen.

Smugglers including six Arabs residing in Emirates were arrested in connection to the failed heist.

UAE getting Yemeni freight lifted after ban

GCAAThe UAE has begun receiving cargo consignment once more from Yemen later the conclusion of a two-month outlaw previous month.

The Emirates raised the prohibition on December 9, as per the director general of the Federal General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Saif Mohammed al Suwaidi.

Yemen to get $200 million loan from AMF

Yemen to get $200 million loan from AMFYemen has been promised an amount of $200 million to be given to it as loan by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF). The money thus given is going to be used in the restructuring of the economy, said the fund.

On Sunday, the loan agreement was signed by Finance Minister Nu'aman al-Suhaybi along with AMF's Director-General and Chairman of Board of Directors Jassim al-Mannai.

Yemen, Abu Dhabi sign oil deal

MubadalaYemen's oil company, Yemen Company for Investments in Oil and Minerals (YICOM) has signed an oil agreement with Mubadala Oil and Gas. This covers the areas of co-operation in the field of oil and gas exploration besides production in Yemen as well.

US airport safety agenda to start on in Yemen

US-airport-safetyA US- approach airport safety program will before long be place up in Yemen, where an Al-Qaeda associate has persuaded a thread of botched international airline strike, as per the US officials.

Abu Dhabi to hold meeting of Yemen's friends group soon

Abu Dhabi to hold meeting of Yemen's friends group soonAbu Dhabi will hold meeting of the Yemen's Friends Group on the economic and good governance on 29 - 30 March, and on Sunday, talks were held by foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi with the UAE Assistant Foreign Minister Khalid al-Ghaith on the arrangements regarding the same.