76% of Oysters Contain Norovirus, Says Research

76% of Oysters Contain Norovirus, Says ResearchNew research has really raised worries among the concerned authorities by claiming that 76 percent of the UK Oysters are containing Norovirus, the infectious bug.

In its report, the research has clearly mentioned that more than three-quarters of British-grown oysters are presently containing Norovirus and are affected from the same. The above results have been concluded by the study that was conducted on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to discover about the health of the UK oyster but unfortunately, it noticed that growing beds had traces of the infectious bug in approximately 75% of oysters.

However, approximately 52% oysters have been diagnosed with low levels of the virus causing symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea but the proportion of the affect ted ones is really big.

Researchers failure to differentiate between infectious and non-infectious Norovirus material in the shellfish, made it strongly difficult for the FSA to clearly assess the potential health impact of the findings.

European Food Safety Authority has soon a job to be done of advising the European Commission on the legal safest level of Norovirus in oysters, and chances are higher that the above results could be used to review same prior submitting an opinion.

Currently we don’t have any safe limit for the highly infectious virus, commonly known as the "winter vomiting bug".

Regarding the results of the above study, Mr. Andrew Wadge, the Chief Scientist at the Food Standards Agency, said: “This research is the first of its kind in the UK. The results, along with data from other research, will help us work with producers to find ways to reduce the levels of Norovirus in shellfish, and work within Europe to establish safe levels”.