Nurses Need To Be Made Part of Commissioning Process

Nurses Need To Be Made Part of Commissioning ProcessThere is no second thought that nurses do have significant role in shaping up the medical health care model and that's is what needs to be recognized by one and all. It has been made clear in a recent report that nurses must be made part of both clinical commissioning and health care delivery. The study was commissioned by the Department of Health.

Instead of making their role limited to taking care of patients, there is need that nurses must be made part of important decision being taken at various levels. "It will not be possible for the NHS to realize its full potential in terms of health care improvement for patients without creating mechanisms that allow nurses to be fully involved", said Ursula Gallagher, Lead for Nurses in Commissioning Network.

As nurses are the ones who are in close touch of patients, they are the best one to make significant contribution in improving the standard of medical health care being provided.

This report came out after the revelation that GPs are hiring unsuitable" and "inexperienced" nurses to CCGs. It has been voiced by Paul Vaughan, Regional Director of the West Midlands at the Royal College of Nursing that such appointments could be damaging for medical health care model and needs to be addressed. There is need for nurses too to come forward to ensure that they are being given the due importance at all levels of medical health care model.

If reports are to be believed, those nurses who are made part of such important clinical decisions are not being the desired level of support and not fairly paid also, which adds weight to the fact that concrete steps are required to be made in the direction to make nurses intangible part in the development of medical health care model in the time to come.

It has been confirmed that this report Involving Nurses in Commissioning: How To Get in Right would be published by the NHS Alliance Nurses in Commissioning Network today at a conference in Manchester.