Diabetes Patients Have a New Diet Chart to Follow

Diabetes Patients Have a New Diet Chart to FollowDiabetes patients can now follow a new diet chart to cure their illness. Yes, a new study has recently revealed that consuming a low-calorie diet every day for continuously four months can help diabetes patients to cure their Type 2 diabetes.

We all are well familiar with the benefits that cutting down calorie intake in the diet can have over a dieter. Fortunately, the recent study has added one more benefit in the list of cutting calories intake, which would most benefit the diabetes patients because the cut helps in significantly improving the condition of the diabetic patient and also their general health as compared to the affects that the medication being offered had.

Researchers noticed some more improvements in the health of the diabetic patients post following a strict diet: the diabetic patients were noticed to no more depend upon life-saving insulin for their stabilized health conditions, the level of fat that used to build up around their hearts was considerably reduced and also their cardiac function improved wisely.

"Our results show that 16 weeks of caloric restriction improved heart function in these patients. More importantly, despite regain of weight, these beneficial cardiovascular effects were persistent over the long term. Lifestyle interventions may have more powerful beneficial cardiac effects than medication in these patients", the Daily Express quoted lead author of the study, Dr. Sebastiaan Hammer as saying.

The above findings are known post researchers scanned conditions of total 15 patients (7 men and 8 women) all suffering with Type 2 diabetes to analyze their heart functioning and pericardial fat. The procedure was done before starting the diet and was also repeated after completion of four months of the diet consisting 500 calories a day.