European Men Paying Inadequate Attention to Their Health

men-health-careMen’s reluctance in paying attention to their health care needs has pushed authorities to draft a strategy by which a tab over the health of men could be maintained. It has been proposed by experts that a special policy targeting men’s health should be drafted.

A report has been compiled by the researchers of Leeds Metropolitan University under the name ‘The State of Men's Health in Europe’. In their report, the researchers mainly emphasized over the health status of European men.

In the report, the researchers have highlighted that as compared to women, working men are succumbing to death at higher rates. A man plays vital role in the family as he is regarded as breadwinner.

Although men bear the responsibility of the family, they should not neglect their health. It has been found that men belonging to lower social status have worst health conditions. The researchers have noted that complaining about men’s negligence over their health won’t prove helpful in encouraging men to take care of their health.

It has been proposed that the importance of keeping a tab over one’s health should be taught to males when they are in primary and secondary school. It is believed that if the strategy is adopted then men could be taught as to how to take health related decision in their life.

Better relationship between employer and union can also help in promoting health care among men. Men spend half of their time at workplace. Employers can take the initiative to talk to them about health care which will ultimately encourage them to take important health decision timely, without putting their health in danger. It is hoped that soon the authorities concerned will take the initiative soon so that men could be encouraged to give attention to their health needs.