CSC Signs Contract with NHS

NHSCSC is a big name in the IT services sector. The company has recently announced in its statement about its new signed contract with Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust to outsource some more and better services.

The new signed contract says that the CSC will be entirely hosting, developing and even managing the trust’s back office processes daily to introduce a new program of work in order to outsource the trust's technology services.

The agreement has been signed for a period of 7 years and can be extended to ten in any such requirement.

Some of the defined responsibilities of the CSC in the signed agreement are: to provide IT help desk, efficient networking, good infrastructure, desktop engineering, various application development and support, to provide timely advice and support for a clinically driven health informatics function in the organization etc.

Also, it has been clearly mentioned in the contract that the CSC will assist 24x7 at IT helpdesk covering all functions even records but it will not be working upon the patient’s records system that will go live in March.

Concerning the event as an important milestone in the evolution of CSC's healthcare business, the CSC President of UK Healthcare, Ms. Sheri Thureen, said in her statement, "This contract with Royal Berkshire plays to CSC's core strengths as a world-class provider of outsourced IT services and as a major provider of IT services to the NHS in England”.

During summer time this year, Royal Berkshire completed a transition phase under which, it moved all of the trust's IT services staff to CSC. And as per the current conditions of the current phase, CSC has a responsibility to modernize the trust's IT infrastructure.