SNP Faces Accusation of Doing Nothing in Healthcare

Jackie-Baillie"The SNP government promised to protect our NHS and frontline workers, but these figures expose the harsh reality is that the SNP is doing neither. For all their promises, the SNP has allowed the NHS in Scotland to hemorrhage over 4,000 staff”, said the Labor Health Spokeswoman, Ms. Jackie Baillie, who has shown a big concern for the lowering number of the nursing staff to serve patients.

More comments regarding the issue were heard, some from Tory health spokeswoman Ms. Nanette Milne MSP, who showed worry over the new released present statistics, with the help of which, she directly pinched SNP’s failure to protect frontline NHS services.

One can certainly assume the diminishing side of the health care services that the figures are showing. Here we are talking about the number of the nursing and midwifery posts in Scottish NHS that has been released recently in the figures.

According to the release, the same number in the last year has reduced by 1500+, which is definitely very less if compared to the headcount of NHS workforce of more than 4,000 fewer staff that was serving the job a year ago.

Giving a good estimation, figures showed that the number of nursing and midwifery whole-time equivalent (WTE) staff on 30 September was 56,309 as compared to 57,878 on the same date of the last year. Also, it was noticed from the figures that the total number of WTE staff excluding GPs and general dentists stood at 131,339, which is again down from 134,964 of the previous year.

The Scottish Government statistics highlighted that the last quarter has lost approx 370 full-time same posts.

The comments from the Ministers were best concerning because they said that they are protecting health in the face of the public spending squeeze.