Primary Care Commissioning Recommends Changes in Joint Working

Primary-Care-CommissioningThe NHS Primary Care Commissioning (PCC) has recommended some changes in the joint working initiatives of pharmaceutical companies and clinical commissioning. It is believed by the NHS that the local health services can be improved by linking the principles of clinical commissioning with local health needs.

While supporting the recommendation, the PCC noted, “With NHS budgets remaining flat, at best, for the foreseeable future, and the state of the economy set to increase pressure on public services, access to commercial skills and resources will be more important than ever in 2011 and beyond”.

Although PCC has recommended changes in the joint venture initiative, the services performed by the pharmaceutical industry would remain intact. Besides, PCC has also asked ABPI and Department of Health to be clear while sending any message for joint working. The PCC has clearly hinted that ABPI and Health Department should not confuse the joint working by their interference.

The changes in the joint working have been suggested as it has been found that the pharmaceutical firms had not been able to work effectively with clinical commissioning. It has also been recommended that the provision for education benefits should also be made in the joint working.

The PCC is of the view that well educated patients would be able to get treatment effectively as they will easily comprehend the complications involved in their treatment. Besides, the educated patients will understand the type of treatment required.

For the success of joint working, effective communications should also be developed, suggests PCC. PCC is confident that by bringing these changes the medical services provided to patients will be improved. Joint working initiative was actually introduced for improving the quality of the services. It is believed that through recommended changes the joint working would be able to achieve its goals.