Buy Australian Spring Water to Help Terrence Higgins Trust Raise Funds

Terrence-Higgins-TrustThis year, Wattle Springs has chosen Terrence Higgins Trust as its charity partner for the UK launch of Hot. This time, funds will be raised for the charity Terrence Higgins Trust, which works towards reducing the HIV cases.

The CEO of the Wattle Springs, Ross Bennie, said that they have been working for the benefit of HIV patients by making donations every year. In the last two years, the Wattle Springs Pty Ltd has contributed a donation of more than £20,000 to the AIDS Trust of Australia.

It has been informed that funds for the charity would be raised by selling the bottled natural spring water of Australia. While commenting upon the product, Ross Bennie said, “…The product is pure, natural spring water from the remote highlands of Victoria, and is bottled at source to the highest international quality standards. I'm hopeful that we can make a real contribution to the fight against HIV”.

Like every year, this year as well celebrities are making their contribution in fighting off AIDS from the world by taking part in various events. Harlequins rugby stars Karl Dickson, Sam Smith and Seb Stegmann are three such celebrities who will be seen wearing red colored dress to promote AIDS awareness.

Karl Dickson, Sam Smith and Seb Stegmann have taken part in the Terrence Higgins Trust’s new World AIDS Day campaign, “Stand Up, Stand Out”. The motto of the campaign is “show us their undies”. The aim of the campaign is to promote safe sex.

It is estimated that every year, 100,000 people are affected with HIV. This whole December, the participants of the “Stand Up, Stand Out” would be seen red underwear with red ribbon s, symbol of HIV. When it comes to discussing safe sex, people often hesitates it is believed that through this initiative people will become more open to discuss AIDS and its prevention.