AstraZeneca Unites With MRC To Develop New Treatments

AstraZeneca Unites With MRC To Develop New TreatmentsThe Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, has strike a deal with the Medical Research Council. As per this deal, they would allow MRC to access their 22 chemical compounds to design some of the best treatments for range of diseases.

The MRC said they would ask the UK academic communities across the UK to come forth with their research proposals. They would select best ones which would have talked about using components in some of the undiscovered areas.

Selected teams would get an award up to £10m, which could act as their funds to conduct research. There is no barrier of public and private research team as this opportunity would be given to those who are best in their work, said Chief Executive of the MRC Sir John Savill.

It is quiet a unique amalgam of public and private in which innovation to its maximum is expected and research teams have been called to become part of it and to take this effort a step further.

While Astra Chief Executive David Brennan was of the view, "Innovative collaborations are playing a crucial role in finding ways to unlock the potential of new treatments. The UK has a strong heritage of research excellence in life sciences".

Recently, Mr. Cameron had announced that they would allow some of the unique drugs to get tested in the country, which shows that everyone is trying to bring UK on top. In medical history, the UK has remained a little week but no more, said Cameron, as they would bring innovations in the field to make its quality even better.

Brennan said they are quiet positive that researchers would bring some unique uses of the components and this would usher them into the era which is full of experiments and innovations which derive them results and that too positive.