Diet Food Could Increase Weight

Diet Food Could Increase WeightIf you want to reduce weight than go for freshly prepared low calorie food and keep your body hydrated with water. But it seems very few follow such guidelines and due to shortage of time and laziness always on the head, drags one to grocery shop looking for diet food.

As per Purdue University research, it has been found that it is not a good idea, as it can make one gain even more kilos. Researcher Susan Swithers termed it to be psychological effect.

When one eats low calorie diet food which is similar to the normal food, then body expects to absorb high calories, but in reality, it does not happen, being it a low calorie food. This confuses the body system and resultant of which, person eats more which is even more than normal diet. Resultant of which, person piles up more kilos, than being on normal diet.

Swithers said, "When those calories aren't present, we believe the systems become confused and one of the body's mechanisms to control food intake can become ineffective".

In order to reach at above conclusion, researchers conducted mice test. It generally happens when one consumes similar tasting food, then body expects more calorie. So, consuming diet food could make one fell hungry without letting one knows that he has already consumed enough calories.

There are some other reasons as well which can make person pile up weight. Markets are flooded with low-fat cereal bars, which are available in different flavors to satiate taste buds in morning. They claim that they have added only fruits and nuts to cereal, making it irresistible for one to buy it but people forget that they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugar which makes it taste worthy.

So despite of eating lesser calories, one ends up eating double. So best is to adopt natural way to lose weight.