Medical Cuts Putting the Government in Tight Position

Medical Cuts Putting the Government in Tight PositionRecently, the government has been slammed for imposing too much of cuts in the medical budget which has led to retrenchment of the nurses. It has been informed that cuts of about £22million have already been imposed in the medical budget. These heavy cuts have not only affected the jobs of the nurses but also the medical services.

Ignoring the fact that the NHS is going through turbulent situation, the Coalition Ministers are recklessly moving ahead with the Health and Social Care Bill, saying that the Bill will modernize the way NHS works.

While criticizing the move of the Coalition Ministers, the Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson said that the bill would result into £21.7million cuts in the Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust.

Sharon Hodgson was reported of saying, "It is scandalous that they are telling our local NHS to hold back millions of pounds for their own reckless plans whilst thousands of nursing jobs are being axed". The Trust in the discussion, Sunderland, has already witnessed a hike of 41% in its patients. It is believed that further cuts would jeopardize its working.

Sunderland Conservatives leader Robert Oliver has also criticized the decision taken by the government, saying that the government is going crazy by imposing 20% cut in every Health Department. The main issue in front of the government is to find ways of improving the services of the NHS so that more lives could be saved.

It seems like the global financial crunch has left the government with no other option besides imposing cuts in the budget. Every year, taxpayers are charged with large sum for health related benefits. But it doesn't seem like the government is distributing the money in the health care sector effectively. Besides investing, the government just like blood suckers is imposing cuts in its budgets.