Public Meeting to Encourage People for Organ Donation

Public Meeting to Encourage People for Organ DonationOrgan donation has enough potential to save lives. Countless people die every year while struggling to climb huge patient waiting list in order to avail the needed organ transplant. Several governments as well as private organization are blending their efforts in order to inspire and encourage people for their active participation to support the noble cause.

Consequently, authorities have announced to observe a public meeting at Llandissilio, on Monday night, as an attempt to analyze people regarding the launch of an "opt-out" in Wales, for the first time in the United Kingdom. The move is outlined with a focus to increase the number of organ donors and decreasing the number of related deaths.

According to health data, Wales has a death rate of one person a week while struggling for a needed transplant. Huge waiting lists as well as difficulties to find a suitable donor play a key role for pushing more number of people towards death.

"Introducing a soft optout system will mean people are more likely to make decisions about donation during their lifetime and to have discussed their wishes with their family", said the Health Minister, Lesley Griffiths, while insisting that the organ and tissue shortage can still be considered as a major cause of unnecessary deaths and sufferings for both patients as well as caregivers.

Further, the minister claimed that the Welsh Government is confident that the legislation will yield good results for increasing the number of organs and tissues available.

An event to address the issue will be observed on December 05, between 6 pm and 7.30 pm, at the Nant-y-ffin Hotel, Llandissilio in Clynderwe. The local Community Health Council has credited to organize the meeting.

Recently, the National Transplant Resource Centre had raised major concerns over the issue and has hailed authorities to outline the needed policies shortly.